Cyber Emergency Response Team

The frequency and severity of cyber-attacks are on the rise each year. My-CERT® is a concierge Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) portal that provides best in class cyber incident response and recovery services. Our highly credentialed team is comprised of legal, information security, credit and identity restoration and public relations specialists to quickly and effectively respond when you have a cyber incident.


My-CERT® provides:

  • A swift response to minimize loss or theft of information and disruption of services caused by a cyber incident
  • A consistent approach to cyber incident handling so that the appropriate actions are taken
  • A “lessons learned” methodology to use information gained during cyber incident handling to better prepare for handling future cyber incidents and to provide stronger protection for systems and data
  • The ability to properly and effectively deal with legal and regulatory issues that may arise during a cyber incident
My-CERT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a cyber event and cyber incident?1

A cyber event is any observable occurrence in a system or network. Cyber events include a user connecting to a file share, a server receiving a request for a web page, a user sending email, and a firewall blocking a connection attempt. Adverse cyber events are events with a negative consequence, such as system crashes, packet floods, unauthorized use of system privileges, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and execution of malware that destroys data.

A cyber incident is a violation or imminent threat of violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices. Examples of cyber incidents are:

  • An attacker commands a botnet to send high volumes of connection requests to a web server, causing it to crash.
  • Users are tricked into opening a “quarterly report” sent via email that is actually malware; running the tool has infected their computers and established connections with an external host.
  • An attacker obtains sensitive data and threatens that the details will be released publicly if the organization does not pay a designated sum of money.
  • A user provides or exposes sensitive information to others through peer-to-peer file sharing services.

Who are the My-CERT® partners?

My-CERT® partners include law firms located in the North America, Latin America and Europe, information security providers, credit and identity restoration companies, and public relation firms that specialize in cyber incident and response.

1 National Institute of Standards and Technology, Special Publication 800-61, Revision 2

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